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Linda Shook, MA, LMHC

Linda is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who works with college-age students and adults of all ages.  She enjoys coming alongside individuals who are working through depression, anxiety, autism (high functioning), body image/eating disorders, grief and loss, life transitions, improving relationships, parenting challenges, and spiritual issues.  Linda is warm, compassionate, and has an infectious laugh.

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Linda's approach to her work

As human beings, we all go through difficult times and we can't make it through these alone.  I seek to provide a safe place for people to work through their current difficulties and pain from the past.  I want each client to feel cared for, listened to, and challenged to move forward in new ways.

I work with individuals by helping them understand their personal and relational difficulties in the context of their past and current relationships.  I look at the family system from which they came and are currently in today.  I help clients try and change their current difficulties by discovering with them the root of their problems.  I encourage clients to express emotions in healthy ways.  With increased awareness, clients can make conscious  choices to change aspects of their life.  I am willing to incorporate clients' Christian faith into the counseling process, only if desired.

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